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Ship Swap-Outs

Shipping Eligibility For Swap-Outs

First check to make sure you have the original case, original cover art/sleeve/etc., original instructions, and original game disc that came with the game from the manufacturer, and that they meet QwikSwap's Condition Rating Standards which are as follows:

  • The case or box can have wear such as minor scratches, minor scuffs, etc., but it must still be in working condition, meaning it will hold the disc in place, close properly, etc. The case must have no cracks. The cover art/sleeve must still be visible, meaning it hasn't been smeared away or covered with markings etc.
  • The instructions must be intact, meaning pages aren't falling out and the booklet isn't falling apart at the binding. No pages should be torn out unless designed to be torn out, for example a map or etc. The instructions must have no markings or writing on/in them unless designed to have them, as in a "Notes" page for example.
  • The game disc can have a few light scratches but must load and play perfectly with no skipping whatsoever. The game disc must not be in need of repair, cleaning or resurfacing.

If your game meets the Condition Rating Standards it is rated acceptable to swap out and can be shipped to QwikSwap. For your own protection ship your swap-out with tracking, as QwikSwap will not be held responsible for shipments lost in transit. Be sure to include your order or order number in the shipment, which you can printout after checkout or from the order confirmation email. You can also write it on an index card or something similar and include it in the shipment. Be sure to include a return address on the shipment. Ship your swap-out to the following address:

P.O. Box 820904
Houston, Texas 77282 

Shipping Recommendations

Ship your swap-out to QwikSwap with the shipping carrier of your choice and include tracking. Tracking is for your protection in case there are any problems with the shipment, since QwikSwap will not be held responsible for any delivery issues. QwikSwap recommends you ship your swap-out USPS First-Class Package with USPS Tracking. If you are shipping multiple swap-outs, a Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Box may work best. Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes have a flat shipping rate regardless of the shipment's weight or destination and include free boxes, free USPS Tracking, free insurance up to $50, free Package Pickup, and potential discounts when you print USPS shipping labels online. For more details reference:




Qwikswap recommends a 6in. x 9in. or slightly larger bubbled or padded envelope, an ideal size for one swap-out. When there are multiple swap-outs you will probably need at least a 7in. x 10in. or larger bubbled or padded envelope. You could also try wrapping them in bubble wrap or another type of padding, then shipping them in a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Box.

Shipping Tips

Save on certain shipping services, such as USPS Tracking, when you purchase and print labels online. Swap out multiple games and ship them at the same time to reduce shipping costs. To avoid the post office purchase and print shipping labels online from USPS at:


Ship To Address

Ship your swap-outs to the following address:

P.O. Box 820904
Houston, Texas 77282