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Condition Rating Standards

QwikSwap's Condition Rating Standards

Use the Condition Rating Standards to determine if a game is rated acceptable to swap out. The Condition Rating Standards also affect rentals, and the condition of consoles with included items as well as games must meet QwikSwap's Condition Rating Standards upon return.


  • The case or box can have wear such as minor scratches, minor scuffs, etc., but it must still be in working condition, meaning it will hold the disc in place, close properly, etc. The case must have no cracks. The cover art/sleeve must still be visible, meaning it hasn't been smeared away or covered with markings etc.
  • The instructions must be intact, meaning pages aren't falling out and the booklet isn't falling apart at the binding. No pages should be torn out unless designed to be torn out, for example a map or etc. The instructions must have no markings or writing on/in them unless designed to have them, as in a "Notes" page for example.
  • The game disc can have a few light scratches but must load and play perfectly with no skipping whatsoever. The game disc must not be in need of repair, cleaning or resurfacing.


  • The console and included items such as controllers can have minor scratches, scrapes, or scuffs, but must operate perfectly with no freezing whatsoever. The console and included items such as controllers must not be in need of repair and must not be in need of cleaning because of excessive dust, stains, dirt, oiliness, stickyness, or smears. The console and included items such as controllers must not have any cracks in the exterior, panels with broken hinges, malfunctioning mechanisms such as ejectable disc trays, or panels that no longer snap closed.